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Brown Political Review

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A ristotle famously began the Nicomachean Ethics with a declaration : “Every art and every investigation, and likewise every practical pursuit or undertaking, seems to aim at some good.” He contends that a “final good” must exist in order to surmount the difficulties that would arise from an endless regress of ‘good things.’ Aristotle concludes that“what is the highest of all goods that action can achieve…[is] Happiness.” In many respects, this ethical pronouncement provides the philosophical foundation for the utilitarianism advocated by Jeremy Bentham and, to some degree, John Stuart Mill. If the final end of human action, as Aristotle claimed, is “happiness,” it follows that the institution of a political state – a product of human action – also aims at happiness.

Under utilitarian philosophy, a “good” government is only “good” as long as its policies maximize happiness. The implications of this for fiscal policy are clear: Any evaluation of a government’sinterferenceinthe market ought to be assessed by whether such interference maximizes collective happiness. Moreover, utilitarians would contend that the emphasis on a free market for the sake of a free market compels governments to behave in ways directly contrary to happiness (or utility, as Bentham and Mill termed it).

At first glance, utilitarian thought may seem to direct state leaders to institute egalitarian policies and ensure that everyone has roughly the same income; however, this is not the case. Although the law of diminishing marginal utility on income provides a justification for redistribution in a limited capacity, utilitarians tend to recognize that economic liberties and competition are essential to increasing state wealth.

And yet, in their advocacy of economic liberties, utilitarians distinguish themselves from other schools of political thought by contending that market freedom is only good insofar as it promotes maximum public utility. Consequently, a utilitarian government can justly interfere in the market when such action promotes higher utility for all of society by preventing market-borne infringements on economic freedom and negative externalities.

Although it is difficult to define utility, it seems clear that economic growth and increased standards of living are essential goods that work toward the end of increasing collective happiness. As a result, utilitarians find Adam Smith’s classical liberal emphasis on economic freedom compelling because the vision of a free market that he advocated has raised the floor for the average quality of life.

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Published: 5 days ago

by Jeff Kinuthia A blockchain is a digital database or ledger distributed across a network of computers which is protected by coding the data to prevent editing and removal, and blockchain technology is the underlying application that enables all of this. Importantly, a blockchain …

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Uhuru Kenyatta recently announced that all government officials and their families would undergo a lifestyle audit as part of his war on corruption, starting in July 2018. This would include him and his deputy, William Ruto. Those found guilty of corruption would be sent …

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by Wangari Kibanya Conversations around the word millennial make me wonder, why would we need to contextualize our social and economic shifts from a very US American lens yet our nation is only 53 years old and did not undergo some of the shifts …

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by Robert Munuku It is expected for governments to be corrupt. This is a reality, not a vindication – of course corruption is wrong.But at the very least no one gets a heart-attack from surprise upon hearing that government is corrupt. The most injurious …

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by Dr. Sakulen A. Hargura Universal health care is a noble idea that is long overdue. For it to bear fruits and build a permanent home in our system, certain fundamental pillars that must be erected. The most important are sound healthcare policies, and …

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“The curio shops near the Sarit Centre in Westlands will be demolished next week.” Curio shops in westlands to be demolished, The Star, Feb 1 2016 It was not until May 10th2018 that the curio shops in Westlands were demolished. On the day of …

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The web (and the rest of the internet) has become a space where citizens come to chat, share ideas, critique the government and explore ways in which Kenya can function better for its citizens. It is a space where one is sure to find …

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“By saying, this is how the world sees me. This is what is expected of me” Finding your power “When bodies break it is not a moment but a culmination. Bodies that break tend to have been pulled, stretched twisted and torn. Bodies that …

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The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) recently announced that it would begin licensing cooking gas firms to operate piped gas systems in residential areas. This would mostly make business sense in gated communities and flats, where Kenya’s middle class tends to reside. This led me …

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